Sustainable & Accessible Recreation

Outdoor recreation plays an essential, multi-benefit role in public health, quality of life, and economic activity in California. The sector is responsible for 691,000 jobs, $92 billion in economic benefits, and vital economic activity in forested communities. Significant new state and federal funding sources will provide opportunities for integrated sustainable recreation and forest health projects. Much of this work will be implemented through partnerships with state, local, and tribal governments, NGOs, and others as part of the Shared Stewardship framework and the Wildfire & Forest Resilience Task Force.






CALREC Vision: A Joint Strategy for Sustainable Outdoor Recreation in California


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The CALREC Vision Project is working to highlight the essential, multi-benefit role that outdoor recreation plays in California

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Agreement for Shared Stewardship of California’s Forest and Rangelands between State of California, USFS – Pacific Southwest Region



Confluence of States

The Confluence Accords are a bipartisan organization developing a national platform to grow the outdoor recreation industry, protect our nation’s wild places, and transform conservation into a driver for economic prosperity.

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Work Group: Sustainable & Accessible Recreation

Partnering Organizations

Work Group Leads:

CA State Parks Alexandra Stehl, Planning Chief
Bureau of Land Management Andrew Burrows, Lead Outdoor Recreation Planner
Recreate Responsibly CA Haley Caruso, Co-Lead
CNRA Katherine Toy, Deputy Secretary for Access
USDA Forest Service, Region 5 Katy Parr, Acting Deputy Director of Public Services
LA County Department of Parks & Recreation – Norma Edith Garcia-Gonzalez
CA Landscape Stewardship Network Kevin Wright, Policy & Steering Committee Member
Sierra Nevada Conservancy – Matt Driscoll, Area Representative
NOAA – Paul Michel, Regional Policy Coordinator
National Park Service Ray Murray, Chief of Partnerships

Jim Bacon, Director of Public Services – U.S. Forest Service, Region 5
Angela Avery, Executive Officer, Sierra Nevada Conservancy

Leadership Team

Nancy Parachini, USDA Forest Service, Region 5
Nora Campbell, USDA Forest Service, Region 5
Matt Driscoll, Sierra Nevada Conservancy
John Wentworth, Mammoth Lakes Trails & Public Access Foundation/CALREC Vision
Danna Stroud, CA Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
Bill Keene, Climate Equity Solutions, Inc.
Austin McInerny, California State University, Sacramento


Key Actions Assigned:

3.13 – 3.14