The Front Lines of Landscape Health

In a response commensurate to the challenge, Governor Gavin Newsom created the California Wildfire & Forest Resilience Task Force, bringing together an unprecedented coalition of the best available resources for preventing catastrophic wildfires by creating healthier, more sustainable natural environments. The Governor’s Task Force is a proactive effort that is already showing progress towards long term forest health and safe, sustainable coexistence with fire.



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NCRP Requests Input on its “Vision for North Coast Resilience”

The North Coast Resource Partnership requests input and comments on its…

Synthesis Report: Wildfire Crisis Strategy Roundtable

National Forest Foundation, together with the USFS, hosted a series of…

California Reforestation Pipeline Partnership Aims to Address Key Reforestation Challenges

The CPP is a strategic collaboration to help address challenges related to post burn reforestation.

Eastern Sierra Recreation Update

Good things are happening in the Eastern Sierra thanks to collaborative efforts between state, federal and local partners.

The 2021 Caldor Fire: One Year Later Video Series

A new video series reviews the suppression efforts of the Caldor Fire one…

LiDAR Data Collection for Northern California and Sierra Nevada

CNRA, in partnership with the US Geologic Survey's 3DEP Program and other…

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