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In a response commensurate to the challenge, Governor Gavin Newsom created the California Wildfire & Forest Resilience Task Force, bringing together an unprecedented coalition of the best available resources for preventing catastrophic wildfires by creating healthier, more sustainable natural environments. The Governor’s Task Force is a proactive effort that is already showing progress towards long term forest health and safe, sustainable coexistence with fire.



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Lake County Leverages Federal Support for Local Action

This project effectively leverages federal funding to protect high fire…

California Leads Nation with 800th Firewise USA Community

This 800th designation demonstrates the pace California is taking to…

Major Investments from USFS and CAL FIRE Reduce Wildfire Risk and Spur Wood Innovations

Investments will provide crucial funding for projects that promote California's wildfire resilience and climate-forward…

Federal Climate Financial Report Demonstrates Need for Proactive Action on Wildfire Resilience

Anticipated increased costs of fire suppression due to climate change brings additional urgency to the need for proactive…

New Pocket Guide Empowers Communities to Collect Seeds and Support Reforestation

The ‘California Cone Hunter’s Pocket Guide’ serves as an in-the-field…

New Online Resources Now Available to Help Prepare for Wildfires

Understanding how best to prepare for wildfire season just got easier with…

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