Timber Harvest Regulations

California landowners are faced with a complex set of regulations related to timber harvesting, reforestation, vegetative fuels treatment, and ongoing management and conservation of their lands. Among other actions, Senate Bill 901(2018) amended the Forest Practices Act to require state agencies to pursue opportunities to streamline the Forest Practice Act and associated rules and regulations to expedite forest health and fire prevention projects while preserving the resource protection functions. These efforts are aligned with the administration’s Cutting Green Tape Initiative, a collaborative effort led by CNRA to improve regulatory processes to increase the pace and scale of ecological restoration and stewardship.

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CAL FIRE Forest Practice:

CAL FIRE enforces the laws that regulate logging on privately-owned lands in California.

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The Timber Harvest Plan (THP) process ensures that logging operations are compliant with all environmental laws and regulations

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CalVTP in Practice Register Now! Sequoia Lake Case Study June 29, 2022

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How to Use the CalVTP:

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Board of Forestry CalVTP website:

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Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution Control Program – Vegetation Treatment 

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CalVTP in Practice — Cal Poly’s Fuels Management Training

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Permit Synchronization Work Plan

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Work Group: Timber Harvest Regulations

Partnering Organizations

Work Group leads

Lean 6 Sigma Contractor – John Smith, Facilitator
Board of Forestry – Edith Hannigan
CAL FIRE – Dennis Hall/ Eric Huff
Department of Fish and Wildlife – Isabel Baer/ Elliot Chasin
California Geological Survey – Bill Short
Industry Representative – Larry Camp, Forest Landowners of California
NGO Representative – Eric Holst, Environmental Defense Fund

Jessica Morse, Executive Advisor, California Natural Resources Agency

George Gentry, California Foresters Association

Clint Snyder, State and Regional Water Boards


Key Actions Assigned:

1.35 – 1.38