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Governor Newsom Signs State Budget Bill

Governor Newsom signed a budget bill this week that provides more than $1.3 billion over the next two years to accelerate forest health and wildfire resilience projects throughout the state. With these new investments, the Newsom Administration has committed more than $2.8 billion to the Governor’s Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action Plan. 

Highlights of theWildfire and Forest Resilience Expenditure Plan include:

  • $472 million for forest health and fire prevention grants
  • $130 million for stewardship of state-owned land
  • $50 million for post-fire reforestation
  • $170 million to state conservancies for forest health projects
  • $70 million for prescribed fire and hand crews
  • $40 million for the Regional Forest and Fire Capacity (RFFC) Program
  • $30 million for workforce development
  • $25 million for assistance to small landowners