March 30, 2023

The California Wildfire & Forest Resilience Task Force held its quarterly meeting at the California Natural Resources Agency in Sacramento and live on Zoom.
The agenda and video recordings are available below


  • Looking Back: Members on this panel highlighted major accomplishments from state and federal agencies in 2022, shared preliminary results from California’s Year in Fire analysis, discussed what field monitoring reveals about the effectiveness of fuels treatments, and what recent wildfires reveal about the effectiveness of defensive space and home hardening. Subjects covered include:
    – What have we accomplished?
    – How do we measure the impacts of fires? California’s Year in Fire
    – Are treatments working?
  • Moving Forward: Presentations covered the questions that components of the Regional Resource Kits are meant to address: What are our goals and how do we define them? What is the current condition of our landscapes? How do we most effectively plan and prioritize projects? Where are we currently investing? How do we measure the effectiveness of those investments? The Monitoring and Reporting Work Group unveiled the Interagency Treatment Tracker, and provided an update on the decision support tool, Planscape. Subjects covered include:
    – Where is management most beneficial?
    – How do we more effectively plan & prioritize projects? Planscape
    – Where are we investing? Interagency Treatment Tracker
    – How do we measure the effectiveness of our investments?
  • Wood Utilization Work Group: The Work Group provided an overview of preliminary proposed actions in future joint strategy for wood utilization. Panelists discussed the importance of private sector investments in a vibrant wood products market that advances the state’s sustainable forest management strategy. Subjects covered include:
    – Overview of Proposed Action
    – Panel Discussion with Industry Representatives
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Welcome & Opening Remarks

• Wade Crowfoot, CNRA

• Jennifer Eberlien, USFS

• Task Force Executive Committee

Director’s Report

• Patrick Wright

Looking Back

Moderator: John Battles, UC Berkeley

• Patrick Wright, Task Force

• Leana Weissberg, UC Berkeley, Center for Law, Energy & the Environment

• Scott Stephens, UC Berkeley

• Yana Valachovic, UC Cooperative Extension

Moving Forward

Moderator: John Battles, UC Berkeley 

• Pat Manley, USFS Pacific SW Research Station

• David Saah, Spatial Informatics Group

• Mickey Kataria,

• Alan Talhelm, CARB

• Loretta Moreno, CNRA

• Stephanie Coppeto, USFS.

Wood Utilization Work Group Report

Moderator: Steve Frisch, Sierra Business Council

• Elizabeth Betancourt, Dept. of Conservation

• Helena Murray, USFS

• Matt Dias, California Forestry Association

• Julia Levin, Bioenergy Association of California

• Dan Porter, The Nature Conservancy

• Matt Sjoholm, Blue Forest Conservation.

Final Remarks

• Task Force Co-Chairs