Residential Centers (Capital Outlay)

Department: California Conservation Corps

Program Description: To further expand forestry corps and fire crews the CCC is expanding and enhancing the Residential Program. With housing insecurities, lack of affordable housing, homelessness, and other social factors that can impact vulnerable youth, expanding residential program does not only promote Corpsmembers’ wellbeing, but also enhances the communities in which they serve. Most residential locations are in rural locations where population numbers couldn’t field 4-6 youth crews. Additionally, Corpsmembers experiencing new communities embodies the inclusive nature of the CCC. Residential locations also help with fire or other emergency response time as the Corpsmembers are available and ready throughout the entire day, seven days a week.

Program Impact: Opening of the new residential dorms and kitchen complex at the Placer Center located in Auburn, CA enabled 90 Corpsmembers to return to that community and complete very meaningful fuel reduction work. It has also provided a quicker response time for two Type I fire crews working out of the residential facility as they are there 24 hours a day.

This investment is launching capital development projects for building residential facilities for new fuel and fire crews at the CCC Auberry and Los Piños facilities.

Program Impact: Working closely with DGS plans and specifications for both the Los Piños and Auberry projects are being developed with anticipated completion of Preliminary Plans in June and April 2023, respectively.

Resilience in Action:

  1. Placer Center Tour Note the linked video highlights the completed construction and the Corpsmember experience as of Fall 2022.
  2. Los Piños Center Tour: The linked video highlights the facility and the project work.
Completed Placer Center dormitory building.


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