Post-Fire Reforestation and Regeneration

Department: CAL FIRE

Program Description: CAL FIRE’s grant program will support forest health activities for post-fire reforestation and regeneration. This program was developed to meet the recommendations of the Forest and Wildfire Resilience Task Force’s Reforestation report. Post-fire reforestation treatments include site preparation and post-planting maintenance that are directly related to reforestation. The intent of post-fire reforestation treatments is to reforest or restore forestland following catastrophic fire. Reforestation treatments include tree planting, installing tree shelters, site preparation, oak woodland restoration, invasive plant removal, and herbicide.

Program Impact: The projects will restore climate-resilient natural conditions prioritizing native species and a density and distribution of seedlings that address emergency climate conditions including increased fire and drought, consistent with the Governor’s Wildfire and Forest Resilience Task Force’s Reforestation Working Group.

Resilience in Action: CAL FIRE has developed the Post-Fire Reforestation and Regeneration grant guidelines and awards are anticipated in the spring of 2023.