Southern CaliforniaRegional Resource Kit

The resource kit contains a core set of data layers that reflect management-relevant metrics for the Southern California region. These data and metrics have been vetted by federal, state, and academic scientists. In total, the Southern California Regional Resource Kit contains nearly 70 metrics selected to be informative, meaningful, and actionable for management.

Additional Details
Most data layers are available at 30 m resolution, but some are available at the resolution of the original data set (e.g. the California gnatcatcher suitable habitat data layer was developed at 150 m pixel resolution).

Each data layer is available for downloading and can also be viewed as an image file. .

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Framework For Resilience

The metrics are organized by ten desired outcomes, termed “Pillars of Resilience” from the Framework for Resilience. The metrics describe the characteristics of one of the pillars in quantitative or, in a few cases, qualitative terms.


Additional Details

All data layers are available at 300 m resolution (i.e. pixels are 300 meter on a side) and some are also available at 30 m resolution. The same data layers are also available rescaled to a value of -1 to +1 to put all data layers in the same units for additional analytical work among metrics and pillars.

Metric Dictionary

A metric dictionary for the Southern California Regional Resource Kit provides details on the nature of each metric. Each metric has been defined to help end-users of the data (and for use with any decision support tools) to understand:

  • The definition of a given metric
  • The expected use(s) of the metric
  • The resolution of the developed data
  • The data sources used to derive the metric
  • The method of metric derivation
  • The root file names

References have been included to help the reader understand potential methods for deriving metrics.



A decision support tool designed for the needs of the regional planners and collaboratives
(available Q2 2023).